After working in corporate America for many years and then surviving the most challenging feat of all—my empty nest, once my daughter left for college, I decided to focus my time and energy on something new—something for me. I wanted to turn a passion into a business to enjoy every moment of my day, including work. Deciding what that “something” would be wasn’t easy and I experienced several false starts.
The one constant throughout my life has been my love affair with clothes. There is nothing better than the feeling of new clothes. In fact, there are actual studies that have proven the link between new clothes and the improvement they can make on our mental state. Not to mention the fun and excitement when finding that designer label dress at a bargain price. So, I like to think of shopping for new clothes as an important part of my health and wellness strategy.

This is where Mélange Consignment and Resale was born. No matter a woman’s budget, she deserves to wear high-quality clothing and apparel that highlight her beauty both inside and out. Mélange Consignment connects women of all shapes and sizes to a vast selection of the best in fashion and style at deep discounts.
My commitment to customers is to ensure each visit offers a generous and changing selection of inventory coupled with exceptional service. I welcome the feedback and suggestions of my customers because Mélange is here to serve you and we want to get it right.
Maria of Mélange